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Thessaloniki holds deep significance for Sephardic Jews the world over.
One of the earliest Jewish presence in Europe, it is steeped in Jewish history from the times of the Holy Temple, and became a haven for Jews during the Spanish Inquisition and Expulsion..
The Jews thrived and built the income in their new homes, in fact the international port was Shomer Shabbos until 1969 out of respect for Jewish merchants.


1.  Israeli Embassy - (Nearest one is in Athens) 
Marathonodromou Street 1 
Paleo Psychico 15452 
Athens, Greece

2. Jewish Community  

3.  Monastirlis Synagogue 
35, Sygrou St. (open primarily on High Holidays)

4.  Cemetery and the Holocaust Monument 
Stavroupoli suburb (opposite the "AGNO" factory)

5.  "Saul Modiano" Old People's Home 
89, Kimonos Voga Street

6.  Jewish Martyrs Square 
Across the beginning of the boardwalkphotos.jpg