The Shalom restaurant at Astoria offers certified Kosher warm meals. It is recommended that reservations be made in advance by calling the Astoria Hotel.

If you'd like to pay for a meal you enjoyed, please click here.

Kosher food can be bought at our kosher shop or at the local groceries as long a certified Kosher symbol is visible. As always, fruits and vegetables are Kosher.

Below is a list of available options:

In the Chabad Center @ Astoria Hotel:
9 Salaminos St. Thessaloniki, 54626


Kosher shop

Near the Chabad House. Call Tehilah +30-698-8370928

Kosher Ladino

Kosher caterige

Delivery to all parts of Greece +30-698-7086035
 Kosher Greece  Under Supervision of Rabbi Hendel





Rabbi Yoel Kaplan and Rabbi Yosef Kaplan co-manage Balkan Kosher,
certifying the kosher status of many local Greek and Balkan products for local use.
With Balkan Kosher certifications, many local manufacturers are now able export their products to Israel and beyond, which contributes to the economy of Greece and the Balkans.

Please visit for more information and updates.