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Sushi Roll.jpg Kosher Food

The Shalom restaurant @Astoria offers certified Kosher warm meals at most times. It is recommended that reservations be made in advance, by calling the Astoria Hotel and ordering Chabad Kosher meals. Frozen meals are usually available also to be warmed up. Cold meals such as tuna salad sandwiches are usually available, as are lunch bags for tourists.

Kosher food can be bought at the local groceries as long a certified Kosher symbol is visible.
As always, fruits and vegetables are Kosher.

A certified Kosher butcher is available in Salonika, and kosher food can be obtained with some effort.

Below is a list of available options:

In the Chabad Center @ Astoria Hotel:
9 Salaminos St. Thessaloniki, 54626
Kosher Butcher Shmuel Ben Sasson
Nea Agora in town center
Kosher Greece Under Supervision of Rabbi Hendel

Kosher Balkan Final (2) (1).pngBalkan Kosher

Rabbi Yoel Kaplan and Rabbi Yisroel Finman provide kosher certification for many local Greek and Balkan products, for use in Chabad programs and events, to supply the Sholom Restaurant and for export - which contributes to the economy of Greece.

Please visit to see what is being done and to see updates on new products